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Theft in Texas involves taking another’s property, assets or possessions without their permission and may be committed through deception or by physical removal. This crime involves a wide range of activities, including shoplifting, passing bad checks, embezzlement, dealing in stolen property, identity theft, various types of fraud, credit card abuse, burglary, money laundering, forgery, bribery, theft from a person, robbery and aggravated robbery.

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Since 1999, the Downey Law Firm has handled hundreds of state and/or federal theft-related offenses. Cases have ranged from misdemeanor allegations of theft valued at less than $50 to federal fraud offenses involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Our firm has the legal expertise, experience and resources to assist you in any state or federal criminal case involving any type of theft allegation. Our attorney is also a board-certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been listed as a “Super Lawyer” in Texas Monthly Magazine. Theft-related crimes are categorized under Texas law as crimes of moral turpitude. A conviction for a crime of this type can cause lifelong implications. Crimes of moral turpitude are regularly used to prevent people from obtaining state and/or federal licenses. Additionally, such convictions are frequently used as grounds to terminate employment contracts, deny lease applications and to impeach people who testify under oath. Theft crimes frequently involve allegations of misconduct occurring over long spans of time. For these reasons, proper investigation and preparation are essential to a successful defense.

Common State Theft/Fraud Offense Punishment Ranges:
Class C Theft less than $100 Zero to $500 fine
Class B Theft: $100-$750 Zero to 180 days in jail
Class A Theft: $750-$2,500 Zero to one year in jail
Fourth Degree

Theft: $2,500-$30,000

Theft (any value)/third offense

Credit card abuse

Theft from person

Burglary of a building

Six to 24 months in state jail
Third Degree

Theft: $30,000-$150,000


Two to 10 years in prison
Second Degree

Theft: $150,000-$300,000


Burglary of a habitation

Two to 20 years in prison
First Degree

Theft: $300,000 or more

Aggravated robbery

Five years up to life in prison

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