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Driving While Intoxicated In Texas

DWI: these three letters can cause profound disruptions in your life. No other criminal offense carries with it the immediate possibility of lengthy driver’s license suspensions, travel restrictions, and heightened or canceled auto insurance coverage. Additionally, no other misdemeanor charge has created such a complex and ever-changing body of law for your attorney to master.

For these reasons, every citizen accused of a DWI or alcohol-related offense should seek representation by a DWI lawyer who is familiar with the latest developments in DWI law as well as the latest scientific challenges to police officer sobriety testing procedures. Practicing DWI attorneys must understand scientific techniques and how to question the reliability, accuracy, and validity of the State’s witnesses.

Experienced DWI Attorney

Houston, Texas criminal defense attorney Christopher Downey is a former chief Misdemeanor Prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. He was chosen by the District Attorney’s office to receive specialized training by the Texas Department of Public Safety in the prosecution of DWI offenses. Mr. Downey has trained numerous prosecutors in the finer points of DWI trial preparation and prosecution and has lectured at area police academies on the role of the police officer in a criminal trial. He has served as an Instructor for the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association DWI Top Gun Seminar. He has written numerous articles related to DWI criminal practice on topics such as effective jury selection, pretrial preparation, and jury instruction. He brings this extensive knowledge of prosecution and defense techniques to the aid of every client accused of DWI or intoxication-related offenses. Alcohol-related crimes are among the most frequent offenses for which the Downey Law Firm is retained. Since 1999, Mr. Downey has successfully represented hundreds of individuals charged with alcohol-related offenses.

DWI Driver’s License Suspension

If you have recently been arrested for a DWI in Texas, you should contact our firm immediately. You have only 14 days from the date of your arrest to contest the possible lengthy suspension of your driver’s license. Fighting such a suspension may not only protect your ability to drive but may also lead to the discovery of very valuable evidence that could assist you in winning a dismissal of your DWI.

DWI Penalties

First time DWI offenses can be charged as either class B or class A misdemeanor offenses depending upon whether any breath or blood alcohol test result registered in excess of .15 g/dl of alcohol. Individuals should be aware that DWI offenses can also be charged in circumstances where the driver may have been intoxicated on substances other than alcohol, such as marijuana, opiates, codeine or other prescribed or illicit substances. Even for those who have never been in trouble before, DWI arrests can trigger license suspensions for regular and commercially licensed drivers as well as stringent bond requirements that can prohibit or restrict a person’s capacity to drive or that may mandate the installment of ignition interlock devices or drug testing.

Alcohol-Related Offenses

Common State Alcohol Offense Punishment Ranges:

Class C

Public Intoxication

0 – $500.00 fine

Class B


DWI (test under .15)

0 – 180 days in jail

Class A

DWI (test over .15)

DWI 2nd

0 -1 year in jail

3rd Degree

DWI 3rd

2-10 years in prison

3rd Degree

Intoxicated Assault

2-10 years in prison

2nd Degree

Intoxicated Manslaughter

2-20 years in prison

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