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Charged With Sexual Misconduct In Texas?

A sex offense allegation can cause devastating damage to your social standing, your career and your personal relationships. Sex crimes involve some form of sexual misconduct and include such crimes as sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, indecent exposure, public lewdness, prostitution, promotion of prostitution, indecency with a child, aggravated sexual assault of a child and possession of child pornography.

No other criminal allegation carries with it the indelible stigma of a sexual offense. Whether the allegation is the possession of illicit pornography or the sexual assault of another individual, a person accused of sexual misconduct will face the immediate need for a well-qualified attorney.

Such a client will face a determined prosecutor who has typically received lengthy training focused on the area of sexual assault. The client will also face the possibility of sex offender registration that will require dramatic lifestyle changes, including the possibility of relocation. Our firm is more than capable in challenging the serious nature of sex crime investigations and charges.

Experience Defending Sex Crimes

At the Downey Law Firm, we have also undergone training focused on the latest defenses in sexual offense charges. We are familiar with defensive issues such as false memory, manipulation and improper/suggestive interviewing techniques. We are also familiar with DNA testing protocols and proper laboratory testing procedures. The Downey Law Firm regularly utilizes the services of several prominent and respected polygraph examiners who are ready to evaluate any client with state-of-the-art polygraph equipment and methods. Since 2002, these experts have assisted us in demonstrating the innocence of numerous clients who faced charges involving sexual offenses. These experts have also assisted us in obtaining dismissals for many clients accused of sexual offenses. A person accused of a sexual offense will often face legal complications involving family law. Pretrial conditions or post-conviction conditions may necessitate adjustments to the family in areas such as child custody. Our attorney works with several family law attorneys capable of assisting our clients in navigating the complex interplay of the family and criminal court system.

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